Wolverine Production & Engineering, Inc. performs primary or secondary broaching operations on a wide variety of parts for a wide variety of industries, including, lawn & garden, automotive, aerospace and military equipment.

We'll broach any problem Whatever your broaching needs, we'll meet them accurately and cost-effectively - from small prototype to large production runs. Parts of any size and complexity, even the most intricate configurations, are broached precisely to your specific tolerance requirements. Our complete line of quality broaching equipment, which includes chain, vertical, horizontal, dual ram and pot broaching machines, allows us to handle virtually any type of broaching job. Our chain broaching machines can run over 1000 parts per hour and can remove up to 1" depth of stock. Our maximum surface broach capacity is a 66" stroke with 15 tons pull force. Our maximum internal capacity is a 78" stroke with 6" broach diameter and 35 ton pull force.

Service is our business. Wolverine Production & Engineering, Inc. is committed to meeting your commitments: to quality, to customer deadlines and to cost-effectiveness. Our services include surface, internal, external, straddle and pot broaching. We are also capable of machine tool-ups. Our strict quality control standards have earned us our ISO 9001:2015 certification through NSF which ensures that every part will meet your highest standards. We run two supervised shifts so that you can run on schedule and within budget. Call us at 586-468-2890 for your next broaching job; large or small, simple or complex. We'll meet your needs, whatever they are, quickly, accurately and economically.

Wolverine Production & Engineering, Inc.
– ISO 9001:2015 -